Agile Sprint Guide

A playbook for running successful Sprints within your organization


Your illustrated guide to running successful Agile Sprints in your organization

It's possible to kickstart Agile working within your organization, no matter the size of your business or scale or your project.

We've broken down each step of the process, from setting up a team to moving through each Sprint for an easy-reference guide every team can use.



The fundamentals of Agile


What our readers think

Christian Salic

"Inspires the whole team to get into a new mode of working and collaborating. It offers an achievable, step-by-step guide for any team wanting to become more customer-focused and Agile."

- Christian Salic, SALIĆ Agentur für Marke, Design und Werbung GmbH

Stefan Schindele

"Finally I understood it: A truly actionable starting point to the Agile way of working for organizations. It helps to instill the right mindset and gives clear direction to creating teams and managing expectations and responsibilities".

- Stefan Schindele, A1 Telekom Austria Group

Frank Schneider

"The Agile Sprint Guide is my compass in the jungle of Agile. It answers briefly the questions of what Agile is, its benefits and how to implement the Agile Mindset and Agile Sprints in organizations."

- Frank Schneider, Agile Innovation Team HERMA

Christian T. Zeiler

"An agile prototype itself, this short and sweet (cupcake-charged) guide comes in handy for any corporate innovation manager wanting to kickstart the Agile transformation."

- Christian T. Zeiler, Open Innovation Lead Generali

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“I can highly recommend the LHBS learning material. The Agile Sprint guide is excellent and so much fun to read.”

- Alexandra Büßer, HR Director Go to Market Unilever

“From teams to top-level mangers the Agile Sprint Guide has been a valuable and accessible resource to remind ourselves of the key principles, benefits & methods of running agile projects - a must-have for any organization looking to transform their ways of working.”

- Matthias Häne, Head of Strategy and Digital Transformation Bank Cler


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