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The foundation of Agile guiding businesses towards successful transformation.


In an age where constant innovation is key to staying relevant, Agile proves itself to be the best way to cope with today's unpredictability.

Created by Brandon Schauer, former CEO of Adaptive Path, this analogy was built around the idea of product development, keeping a successful customer experience at the forefront. Perfect for creating Minimum Viable Products in Agile Sprints.


Introducing Agile To Your Business

How to best introduce the Agile concept to teams for the greatest chance of success.

An introduction to Agile working, and how an Agile team looks. 




Amongst the buzzwords surrounding the Scrum method is a simple, logical approach to promoting agility.

The image (featured in the guide) representing the breakdown of what defines "Agile" has been adapted from Ahmed Sidky (a.k.a Dr Agile), The Agile Mindset. You can also find out more about the man himself here.


Scrum is the most widely used Agile approach, but what exactly can my team and my customers get out of applying Scrum?



Often it seems that Agile just doesn't work for some - and there is one, key reason.


One Reason Your CX Strategy Is Not Working

And how a cross-functional, collaborative or "Agile" way of working can come to the rescue.



Agile Leadership: Preparing for an Unconventional Career Path

Emily Philips tells her personal story, and how being prepared for the unexpected means you can tackle anything.


The Nine Principles of Agile Leadership

The key principles for supporting Agile transformation successfully, surrounding communication, commitment and collaboration.




7 Most Common Myths Around Agile

Gathering the most popular myths surrounding Agile, and debunking them.

Being Agile Doesn’t Mean There’s No Plan

In such dynamic markets, we need to be flexible as businesses - this doesn't mean no plan, just a new, more focused plans.


How Agile is so commonly misunderstood by organizations, and what they should be doing to become truly Agile.




Framework and standards are the ‘Essence’ of agile at scale

Ivar Jacobson outlines various scaling approaches for Agile across organizations, focusing on SAFe, the most popular.